Overcome panic attack using practical steps

Human life is made up of emotions and feelings. Mind is the most important part of the human life because it regulates the life of the person. Mind of the person consists of three different parts such as conscious, sub conscious and unconscious mind. These three parts are interconnected each other. People face different types of feelings and emotions each day. Due to different reasons such as failure, death of the dear one, sudden loss in the business, chronic pain or sickness, increased stress and other such traumatic incidents affect the mind of the person a lot. Some of the people could manage these kinds of incidents as they mourn for it but don’t get indulged in it but some people get much affected and will get severe anxiety.
What happens?
The severe anxiety turns to be panic attack which suffers the person a lot in different times. When the panic attack happens to a person, the person will lose control and get caught up by the grip of dread. They will feel tremor and during dread and don’t know what to do for some time. Such attack happens when they hear any bad incident or even in the night time during sleep. The sudden feeling of emergency will be passed in the blood stream and blood will rush which causes nervousness. Due to extra pumping of blood all over the body, the person will feel the tremor and also will feel like nothing is in control. As the brain sends the emergency signal, adrenaline will release the emergency as long as it receives the signal from the brain.
Practice to overcome panic attack
During the panic attack, the incidents stored in the sub conscious mind of the person will come to conscious mind and the person will not be able to manage it so he or she will feel nervousness, or emotional or will cry without ceasing. During this time, the person will feel hopeless, and lack of confidence and dread will strike the person to different levels. Therefore such person should learn how to get rid of panic attack. Recovery from panic attack requires practicing to regulate the mind more than taking mind. The person that takes medicine may feel temporary relief but would not be able to find permanent relief unless the person practices to regulate the mind.
First of all the basic and foremost step to overcome panic attack is to rest well. This is most needed for many people. Repeated stress due to some factors will stimulate panic attack. Resting is the best cure for beating stress. As long as the person takes rest, the person will less likely to feel the attack. As the mind rests, the person will not get thoughts that panic. When the person rests, the adrenaline will be reversed and the chances of panic attack will be lessened.
Regulate Thoughts
The person that suffers from panic attack should develop positivity. The person should always feed the mind with positive thoughts and should not leave a room for negativity. Increasing negative thoughts will fuel panic attack. Positive thoughts are most important.